Microsoft, the makers of computer operating systems most used across the world, have ended support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014.

This decision was announced way back in 2007 but the day has come and gone now.

There are approximately 30% of computers in the world still using Windows XP and the end of support will mean a change of some sort for all of these users.

Microsoft release updates for all their operating systems once a month and anyone using XP will see the yellow shield appear in the bottom right of the screen. This will be no more after the 8th of April.

For those still accessing the internet using XP they will have to upgrade to a newer operating system and maybe newer computers.

As support ends, XP will become more vulnerable to attack by those wishing to infiltrate your computer and your business.

There are a few factors to consider when formulating a solution for your company and each company will be different.

  • Can I install a new operating system on my existing computers (Windows 7 for example).
  • Will my existing computers be able to run a new operating system.
  • Should I invest in new computers with a new operating system already installed.
  • Should I invest in refurbished computers with a new operating system already installed.
  • Will my existing software run on a newer operating system (accounts packages, Office packages etc.)
  • Will I have to pay for new or updated software (sales packages, accounts packages Office packages etc.) if I upgrade my operating system and/or computers.
  • Will my existing external equipment (printers, scanners etc.) work with a newer operating system.
  • During any upgrade will my files/data be secure and properly transferred to a newer system.
  • Will there be an impact on my staff with regards to training on any new software that is required.

At MD Computers, we are ideally placed to advise businesses on the best course of action to suit them.

  • We can survey your existing equipment and software with a view to compiling a report to suit you.
  • We can supply new software, new computers, refurbished computers and any new equipment required.
  • We can install and set up new hardware.
  • We can install your software and copy your data to a new system.

We urge all companies who still use Windows XP to seek some advice on their position after support ends. Please feel free to contact Mike if you have any concerns or would like to discuss any of the issues above.