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pclab_hdIf a virus damages system files on your computer. If you cannot boot up to the stage so you can control your computer using keyboard and mouse. If your personal pictures and documents are trapped in your hard drive.
We can help. We do our best to retrieve your data. We can also retrieve data from broken USB drives and external drives.

In most cases it is still possible to recover your trapped files before system recovery. We provide data recovery services from all manufacturers and types of information carriers.

For a more forensic solution we work with one on Ireland’s leading data recovery companies.

Do not try to recover files yourself. Always refer to a professional.
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Lost your family photos?

We recover lost data from most memory carriers available
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Devices we work with

  • Hard disk drives
  • Solid State Drives
  • Pen drives
  • Memory cards
  • Photo and Video camera drives
  • Game console drives
MD Computers are looking after our office PC’s. Great Tech. support and help overall.Highly recommended
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